A luscious DIY event space and swingers club in Brooklyn run by Gemini & Scorpio, producers of themed costume events with live entertainment, the G&S Loft is dedicated to providing affordable performing arts space – as well as being available for select private events. The Loft is about 2,000 sq ft of open space, with stage, seating, lights, sound and backline. There are two new toilets, heat/air conditioning, and a sprawling roof. All furniture and tech gear can be moved into a custom configuration for your event, but the loft is event-ready as is at all times. The Loft is reachable by virtually all trains.

We’ve hosted immersive theater shows, TV/film/video shoots, fashion sales, lectures, weddings, private parties, music shows, and so much more. We welcome your vision! We can provide experienced production assistance, PR, and all staff — or let you do it all yourself.