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Swingers Parties

School of Sex 

School of Sex is a unique swingers party in New York run by a team of sexy, young couples located in Manhattan.  Most notably, School of Sex produces several “lifestyle”…

Swingers Parties


While many sex parties in NYC cater to a couples-only crowd, Intimate puts the emphasis on single being sexy. The party’s motto is that the individual is more important than…

Swingers Parties

Lip Service 

The ever-popular House of Scorpio Lip Service parties are an NYC staple. In their own words. “Bring your best lips (yours and your PAL’s), and join us for lubricating cocktails…

Swingers Parties

The Naked Show 

The Naked Show is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — comedians stand up on stage to bare all… literally. The free, quarterly standup show at this Long Island…

Swingers Parties

Sex Hacking Playlab 

Have a sex-ed session at the Sex Hacking PlayLab with sexpert Kenneth Play. As a “sex hacker” and a self-proclaimed combo of Tim Ferriss, Martha Stewart, and Bruce Lee, Play…

Swingers Parties

Skirt Club 

This popular London-origin party, where every night is ladies’ night, opened an NYC chapter back in 2016. The women-only club is a place for bi-sexual or bi-curious femmes to come…

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